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I have been involved in Martial Arts for 20+ years and there is plenty of wear and tear on my body. Dr. Robyn was recommended by a friend who I trust dearly. Prior to Dr. Robyn I was not a fan of chiropractors. Well, she did sure change that. I feel better than I have in years, and I only regret not going to her sooner! You can tell she truly cares about her patients and takes the time to explain things. Dr. Robyn is the best and comes highly recommended by me!

Jason W.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Robyn at Casper Chiropractic about two year ago. As I walked into office for the first time my experience was a positive one, as the sounds of the 70's and 80's music played softly in the background, the crisp clean scent in the air, great health literature and video to inform me and comfortable chairs as I waited patiently for Dr. Robyn to great me with a warm welcome and great smile. I always felt so much better once I received my weekly adjustments to help keep my spine aligned and nervous system turned on. Dr. Robyn's knowledge of the bodies anatomy and wellbeing is tremendously informative and very much appreciated. I truly recommend everyone to make an appointment with Dr. Robyn at Casper Chiropractic for a spinal health screening so you can experience the professional adjustments, knowledge of Standard Process vitamins and herbs, group health sessions in the office, great staff and a warm inviting office atmosphere.



Dr. Robyn was highly recommended by my sister and I have always trusted her opinion. I can say now that I am very happy to recommend Robyn to anyone all in need of keeping the integrity of their spine as I have learned from Robyn. From the very first visit I knew I would be in good hands..literally. The quality of care physically, mentally, emotionally and most definitely spiritually has been amazing.

Dr. Robyn you are a rare find and I am very grateful to be in your Chiropractic Care.



Fantastic atmosphere, the minute you walk in you feel relaxed and at home. The adjusments hold and I instantly feel better, especially when you adjust my lower back, because when it is really out of allignment I cant breath and I know that your touch is all I need. Plus with all the stress of daily life it is a pleasure to be able to walk into your office and feel like a weight has been lifted, just by walking in the door. Thank you


The treatment that Dr. Robyn has given me for my achy back has been exceptional. She is knowledgeable and understanding. She explains everything you need to know in detail, and answers any questions that I may have. My back pain went from a 10 down to less than 5 in a little over one month. I would recommend Casper Chiropractic to anyone who is having back pain. You definitely will not regret it!


Robyn, you are a gem!  I love how attentive you are to my needs and my daughter's needs each and every time we come in for an adjustment.  Your commitment and dedication to the field of chiropractic is quite commendable.  You have fixed parts of my family that I never thought would be possible to get fixed.  You are a miracle worker!  I thank you for your kindness, patience and generosity of spirit.  My family is healthier thanks to you.


"As a krav maga self-defense instructor it is vital that I have unencumbered and pain free range of motion and mobility. Through her chiropractic treatments, Dr. Robyn has alleviated and corrected the cause of several specific ailments that I've harbored in my neck including a constant grinding sensation and a gnawing low-grade pain in addition to general muscle tightness in my upper legs, right hip and neck. Dr. Robyn's postural assessments and treatments have enabled me to be more effective and pain free both on and off the training floor. She is a wonderful chiropractor who is dedicated to her clients and their health. I highly recommend her work."

Abel Kahn, IKMA Instructor

In October, I started having chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Gotthoffer. When the holidays came, my family and many other people around me were sick. I had a lot to do to prepare for the holidays so I didn’t get as much rest as usual. Yet, I stayed completely well! I believe that the adjustments helped my immune system stay strong. I highly recommend Dr. G.

J. Haynes, C.N.H.P., Natural Health Consultant, NJ


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